The joy of my daughter going out, the joy of coming home

Unexpected short stay length

Japan generally has long vacations during the year-end and New Year holidays and in May and August, although the length varies.

At this time, families who are usually far away gather together.

When grandchildren who live far away come to visit grandparents,

“The joy of grandchildren coming, the joy of grandchildren returning home” is often talked about.

The joy of going to the train station to pick up your grandchild, who you usually have close contact with, and hugging him is an irreplaceable joy for grandparents and grandchildren.

We will continue to do whatever I want to do, such as making a feast, reading a book to you, or going out to shop nearby.

However, after three days, I continued to work hard because I was acting together, and my mind and body became tired.

“I want to go out to lunch with my friends or go to a concert.”

My daughter Maho is 40 years old and goes to the social welfare corporation Totomi Gakuen Hikumano’s continuous employment support type B workshop five days a week. She has been on a short-term admission to the Seirei Ozora Rehabilitation Center for 10 consecutive days a month. When Ozora Rehabilitation Center started short stays, it started from the 2nd to 3rd, but now we are keeping 1/3 of the month because of the increase in the number of staff and the number of buildings.

Even though her parents are convinced to being young, their stamina has fallen beyond 70 years old. It is impossible to provide complete nursing care such as eating, bathing, excretion, etc. all the time.

When she’s not around, parents are free to go to movies, concerts, and dining out. But after a week of leaving, we can’t stand the loneliness of her daughter’s absence. we never felt this loneliness until we experienced this short stay of 10 days.

When our daughter comes back to her house, we are thinking about where to go with my child and eat delicious food while our daughter is away.

I think that the way short stays are implemented will differ depending on the region, but please consult with the welfare department of your region and take care of your parents’ lives. And please  have  emotional leeway to deal about our daughter.