Rett Syndrome Handbook II

Rett Syndrome Handbook II

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Not available at bookstores. Please pardon. 

If you want to know about Rett Syndrome, First, you might go to the best bookstore in town or the library and check out the shelves of medical books. 

But there you probably won’t find a book that will satisfy you. 

Unfortunately, due to the Japanese publishing situation, there is little chance that this book will be available in bookstores. 

But if there was a “Rett Syndrome Handbook” … How reassuringly it will be the power to take the first step in a new life. 

Grandpa and grandma who always worry about me, public health nurses who take care of me for the first time, nursery teachers, teachers, etc. 

Recommend this book to everyone involved with Rett Syndrome. And request this book at your local library too. I’m sure there will be someone in your junior who will be encouraged by the “Rett Syndrome Handbook” that you requested.

President, united states international Rett Syndrome Association

Translation:Japan Rett Syndrome Association



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