Ney Ney

Tomoki Sato,

father of patient

My Rett’s daughter Chiharu has a younger sister named Koharu who is three years younger. When her little sister was five years old, she said to her older sister who didn’t play as she wanted,

 “Chiharu, why aren’t you playing with me?” , I heard that she called out Chiharu.

In Japan, a younger person never calls an older person’s name without the honorific. I thought we, parents would always call her a eldest daughter.

When Koharu ,a younger sister heard her neighbor’s older brother call Chiharu off to her own elder sister, she assumed she had call her off as well. The older sister Chiharu never replied to her younger sister. After that, we, parents thought about various things and decided to use the Okinawan dialect that was used in the NHK morning drama “Chura-san” at that time to refer to the older sister. After then, the whole family calls “Ney Ney” instead of Chiharu-san.

When her younger sister entered high school, she seemed to understand why her parents started calling her older sister “Ney Ney.” Her younger sister is now choosing a vocational school to get a welfare-related job.

Rett’s children think that they do want to be called something with title of honor when they grows up.