Introduction to scoliosis 

Introduction to scoliosis

We (Matsuda family) are putting together a blog article about the scoliosis of our child, Princess Rett, from the reason for deciding to have surgery to follow-up after surgery. 

I hope this article will be helpful for parents who are worried about Princess Rett’s scoliosis. Princess Rett has often had a slight scoliosis since childhood, and I think that there are many parents who are observing the progress at orthopedic surgery and are facing the possibility of wearing a corset.

 Princess Rett’s scoliosis is not caused by mere left-right differences in muscles or left-right differences in muscle tone, but it seems that the spine itself tries to bend itself. begin to bend sharply at the time on-set of menstruation. For this reason, while she is under observation, the scoliosis may develop suddenly and rapidly, and she may miss the indication for surgery.

In my family, the scoliosis suddenly progressed during the six months of preparations after deciding to have the surgery, and the day before the surgery, we were forced to make a decision to change the scope of surgery and the surgical method.

Looking back on it now, I was really lucky to have had a scoliosis examination at Rett’s camp at that time. I heard from the doctor who performed the surgery that, unfortunately, there are quite a few Princess Rett who are unable to undergo the surgery because their scoliosis has progressed too far. .

 If it exceeds 100°angle, it seems that the operation itself becomes difficult. Princess Rett has a high probability of developing scoliosis, and if scoliosis progresses, not only will she not be able to sit up, but her lungs will not be able to contract, making it impossible to ventilate the lungs, making it easier for her to develop pneumonia. increase. In addition, as the scoliosis progresses, the function of the lungs deteriorates and oxygen inhalation becomes necessary, which can be life threatening. And at some point, the scoliosis progresses so rapidly that, when it’s noticed, surgery may become impossible. Let the parents of Princess Rett know the characteristics of Princess Rett’s scoliosis and the importance of her care. 

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